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Ally Works is a distinct division of White Ribbon Alliance. We support people who are passionate about transforming policy to achieve positive change and demand accountability.


Ally Works consultants have in-depth knowledge in a wide range of technical areas, and can create management tools, craft training manuals and materials to support team or individual learning. We can train the trainers, lead workshops, create focused campaigns and help energize volunteers at community level to make their voices heard.

We specialize in social accountability, advocacy & campaign development. We are flexible & strategic, working with one person, a team, department, or entire organization. We will offer a range of ideas and ways to move forward for internal communications and relationship building or for looking at the external, wider audience.


  • We will support you to build capacity and create sustainable ways of accomplishing the necessary goals to successfully move your organization towards achieving your mission.
  • We are a global network of associates and consultants who have lived and worked in many regions around the world. We know the culture and what will work.
  • We have knowledge and connections with local communities, civil society groups, media, government officials, NGOs and celebrities – all of whom can help to make your project a success.
  • We understand the nonprofit world and can help move your plan, campaign, organization or team forward, based on your own unique situation.


    In Nigeria, for the first time anywhere in the world, the Kwara State Government has adopted the Respectful Maternity Care Charter – which was created and promoted by WRA - as the standard practice in all state health facilities. This was the result of a focused campaign by Alliance members.

    In the rural region of Rukwa, Tanzania, home to over 1.5 million people, not a single health facility offered full emergency birth services. After 18 months of advocacy and campaigning by WRA, the government has given the funds and resources needed for every district in Rukwa to offer emergency maternal health care.

    WRA India members campaigned for a national policy change to maternal health laws. This has resulted in health workers living in rural communities being able to offer lifesaving care, something that before the change in policy they were banned from doing.


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