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We are delighted to bring to you our ‘Citizens Post’ – the 500 day edition.

As global development goals made in 2000 get ever closer to the deadline – with only 500 days to go – White Ribbon Alliance is calling on the familiar faces at the top tables of the UN General Assembly to give more space to citizen’s voices.

The evidence is clear that listening to citizen demands brings faster progress for women and their babies. WRA is working to make sure community leaders are at the top tables to share what the solutions are. We want action based on these solutions – instead of more global meetings that cost a fortune, where we listen to the same speakers year after year. We count on your support to make this happen.

We have halved the number of women who die in childbirth. This is huge progress, but still today, one woman dies in childbirth every 2 minutes. We must keep striving to do more.

Enjoy the read. Tweet. Spread the word.

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