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Safe birth in Indonesia

Not everyone knows what to expect when becoming pregnant and facing labour. If you don’t have your mother, a sibling, aunt or family friend around, it can seem daunting.

But what if you had your whole village to help you through? What if someone were there to give you advice on a healthy diet? Advise you on how to save a small amount each week to help with the extra costs a baby brings? What if the community has set up a transport pool so you know that someone will take you to the local health centre when you are about to give birth? And villagers agree to give blood if needed. This all helps to ensure local mothers are safe in childbirth.

White Ribbon Alliance Indonesia initiated this model of community organising so that all members of a community are aware of what specific actions they can take to help their neighbour when a child is about to be born.

This project has been so successful, with scientific research papers confirming the effectiveness of this approach, that the Indonesian Government has taken the model and implemented it nationwide.