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81 MPs back White Ribbon Alliance Tanzania campaign

IPP Media

May 26, 2014

81 Members of Parliament back the White Ribbon Alliance Tanzania campaign by petitioning the Government of Tanzania to deliver on the promise to provide emergency life saving care in health centres in Tanzania by 2015.

Article in IPP Media

'A week after President Jakaya Kikwete implored regional leaders and other stakeholders to end needless maternal, newborn and child deaths in the country, 81 Members of Parliament have followed with a petition echoing the president’s appeal.

The MPs appended their signatures to the petition calling on the government to ensure that health centres in the country provide Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care (CEmONC) services as promised in the National Road Map Strategic Plan To Accelerate Reduction of Maternal, Newborn and Child Deaths in Tanzania 2008-2015.

During the function organised jointly between The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Tanzania (WRA Tanzania) and Tanzania Parliamentary Group for Safe Motherhood the national WRA Tanzania coordinator Rose Mlay praised the MPs for saying NO to avoidable maternal, newborn and child deaths, by ensuring that health centres have CEmONC.

“We have had enough deaths of mothers and babies. We can’t continue losing innocent lives like this,” said Mlay,

She asked of the MPs: “What overrides life? Whatever we do, be it agriculture, infrastructure, business and water is for life. How can we ignore maternal and newborn deaths and prioritise other things?”

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