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Meet 10 Young Leaders Who Are Creating A Better World

Huffington Post

October 2, 2015
Among the coming-of-age, hyper-connected generation of millennials are numerous young people driven to make a positive difference in the world. Many have even harnessed their social voices to speak out against the problems facing their communities.

Proving that we can all contribute to making the world a better place, no matter our age, we’ve partnered with Johnson & Johnson to recognize 10 young leaders in sustainable development who are dedicated to achieving big goals for a better future for women and children.

When Winfred Ongom witnessed unfair treatment of citizens in Uganda, she took to social media to voice her concerns and spread the word about human-rights violations, especially abuse of women and children. Ongom first connected with White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) via Twitter. The membership-based organization unites citizens to demand the right to a safe pregnancy and birth for every woman, everywhere.

Now a member of WRA Uganda and a citizen journalist, Ongom continues to advocate for sexual and reproductive rights. By backing campaigns like Act Now to Save Mothers, Ongom aids WRA Uganda in its call on the government to allocate sufficient funds to provide better care for newborns and mothers. Read The Full Article