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Nigeria: Abusive Care Turns Women Away from Hospitals

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January 9, 2014
Disrespectful and abusive care for women in hospital is turning them off seeking care in health centres, a health group has said.

The White Ribbon Alliance, a nongovernment organisation dedicated to issues of maternal health, conducted public hearings which showed many women are sceptical about visiting health centres because of the attitude of health workers and the way they are treated.

The public hearings have cited neglect, outright abuse, indifference, coercion and harassment as forms of abuse meted out to the female patients , and they form the content of Respectful Maternal Care, or RMC--a new policy targeting healthworker treatment of women.

"We have used cases from public hearings as evidence. A lot of people have seen this," says Tonte Ibraye, coordinator for White Ribbon Alliance. "Receiving disrespectful and abuse care is making women not seek delivery at facilities."

He adds: "If they are not receiving the adequate care they need and it is discouraging them from seeking facility-based deliveries, we have to come as civil society to say, 'no, this is unacceptable.'"

Disrespectful care range from women detained after delivery because they are unable to pay hospital bills to women being smacked by midwives during labour. Read The Full Article