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White Ribbon Alliance trains journalists in respectful maternity care reporting

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation - MBC

November 13, 2016
This article originally appeared in Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and was written by Alex Mwangosi


The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe motherhood says the media has a crucial role to play in advocating for respectful maternity care in Malawi.

The White Ribbon Alliance National Coordinator in Malawi Nancy Kamwendo was speaking at Mponela in Dowa during an orientation workshop for journalists in reporting maternal health.

"Let me ask you the media to amplify the advocacy for respectful maternity care so that Malawians know their rights and demand them," said Kamwendo.

She, however, called on Malawians to exercise responsibility in up taking of health services.

"While child bearing women have rights, they also have responsibilities. They also have to respect the rights of health providers because they are also humans," explained Kamwendo.

She then thanked the government for working towards training more midwives which in turn will reduce the client-midwife ratio in the country.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, Suzgo Chitete of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation - MBC, thanked White Ribbon Alliance for Safe motherhood for the training, saying it had equipped journalists with skills on how best to report maternal health issues.

The workshop drew together journalists from various media houses across Malawi.

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