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White Ribbon intervenes to save mothers and children

Tanzania Daily News

December 12, 2014
We crossed valleys and scaled up hills as it is drizzling and we are told to pray to God so that it does not start raining heavily because the roads are slippery and would become impassable.

It takes us almost two hours from Sumbawanga Rural District. The road we take meanders through a forest and as we descend from Mountain Muze on the horizon, we could see Lake Rukwa.

As the vehicle we were traveling in was negotiating its way down the mountain, most of us were silently saying our prayers because the road had notorious corners similar to those on Kitonga mountain in Iringa.

Our hosts never had comforting words either as they let us know that there is one area with a very sharp corner along the way, which had been christened 'Open Grave'.

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