White Ribbon Alliance


Pita Putih Indonesia (PPI) - White Ribbon Alliance Indonesia

Ibu Giwo Rubainto
National Coordinator

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c/o Indonesian NFPCB (Indonesian Family Planning Coordinating Board) office/BKKBN office
Jl.Permata # 1, Halim Perdana Kusuma

tel: 62 21 8016640
fax: 62 21 8016640


Capital City
Lifetime risk of maternal death
1 in 210
Maternal Mortality Ratio
Births attended by skilled personnel
Source: World Health Statistics 2015, WHO

In Indonesia, White Ribbon Alliance is called Pita Putih Indonesia (PPI) and is established in 27 of Indonesia’s 34 provinces. PPI works in collaboration with the Health Promotion Centre of the Ministry of Health to mobilise and empower the community on Clean and Healthy Behaviour and Safe Motherhood and has been very successful in working with Indonesian youth to promote reproductive health.

PPI is currently bringing the "Mobilizing and Empowering the Community on Clean and Healthy Behaviour and Safe Motherhood/BPCR” program to villages all over Indonesia with the aim of improving adolescent reproductive health through information, education and communication, while also encouraging community participation in "Alert Villages."

Alert Villages were set up in Indonesia in 2003 to tackle the high number of mothers who were dying in childbirth – around two women per hour were dying from delivery related complications. Many women, especially those living in rural villages, had little access to maternal care, or found that there were long delays when trying to use emergency services, even if available. Something had to be done so that everyone in the village was more prepared for the arrival of new babies into their community.

Everyone in an Alert Village is asked to share responsibility, support each family and learn more about recognising the danger signs for pregnant women. Each family is helped to understand why their pregnant daughter, sister, wife or mother should attend antenatal classes, and what emergency services are available.

Dr. Sunitri Widodo, chairperson of PPI, says, "Our successful approach is to advocate so that efforts to reduce maternal mortality are supported by all responsible parties, including through local government policies, to have a positive impact on reducing maternal mortality.”