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White Ribbon Alliance Kenya

Angela Nguku
National Coordinator


Introduction to WRA Kenya


Capital City
Lifetime risk of maternal death
1 in 53
Maternal Mortality Ratio
Births attended by skilled personnel
Source: Countdown to 2015

Each year in Kenya, approximately 5,453 mothers and 25,662 neonates die from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications. This translates to 15 mothers and 70 neonates dying every single day. WRA Kenya helps citizens recognize their rights and hold their governments accountable for commitments made on Reproductive Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH).

One of 14 affiliates of the White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) Global Secretariat, WRA Kenya is an autonomous network of close to 300 members, both organizational and individual, who include local and international organizations (NGOs), professional associations, government entities, and donor agencies and individuals. Though an independent organization with a dedicated staff managed by a member-elected Board, WRA Kenya follows the Global Secretariat’s overarching theory of change to address the safe motherhood issues specific to Kenya.

WRA Kenya staff listen to local communities and civil society leaders who lead the demand for change, advocate at each level of government, and then work to safeguard the promises made by the government. This approach enables civil society to see their efforts come full circle. WRA members call this creating a ‘feedback loop’ because the advocacy includes working at all levels (e.g., district, national, global) and ensuring that citizens are not only involved at every level but are always aware of the impact their voices have made. WRA has an organizational culture rooted in a bottom up approach to solving problems. Rather than waiting for a time when the appropriate government official makes a necessary top down decision, WRA Kenya builds civil society’s capacity to demand changes that save the lives of women and their babies.

Ending #MaternalDeaths is about empowering #women with knowledge & provision of services on #maternal & child #health. Photo BY UNFPA Kenya


  • Trained a network of senior and vibrant media staff that resulted in significantly improved reporting
  • Engaged and trained a pool of champions who have played key roles in supporting the WRA Kenya agenda
  • Developed a mass citizen mobilization drive on mass media that increased citizen advocacy for their RMNCAH needs
  • Conducted a political economy analysis on citizen rights and entitlements awareness, which revealed key issues and recommendations for improved RMNCAH


  • Strong Youth component
  • Strong media component
  • Diverse membership
  • Social Media
  • Constitution that gives a strong democratic space to engage
  • Champions for change within different groups
  • Mass mobilization
  • Media training
  • Advocacy Campaign Development and Coordination
  • Community Mobilization