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White Ribbon Alliance, Sweden

Anna Edberg
National Coordinator


c/o Mamamia
Karlavägen 58, 114 49
Stockholm, Sweden


WRA Sverige-Sweden

Capital City
Lifetime risk of maternal death
1 in 14,100
Maternal Mortality Ratio
Births attended by skilled personnel
Source: World Health Statistics 2015, WHO

UN Secretary General’s Every Woman Every Child commitment:

Sweden commits to support the achievement of the MDGs. In 2011, Sweden has committed to allocate 500 million Swedish kroner to combat child mortality and maternal mortality and promote health, education and youth entrepreneurship. The Sweden Government has the aim of helping save the lives of 250,000 children, as well as 50,000 women who otherwise would lose their lives due to complications arising from pregnancy or childbirth. Sweden will continue to support MNCH with $201 million for the period 2011-2015.

The above statement is an edited commitment. Please click here to read the full commitment.


Over the past few years, White Ribbon Alliance Sweden has been supporting immigrant, Somali women who are pregnant or new moms, better understand and navigate the health care system in Sweden.

National Alliance Coordinator Anna Edberg shared that “the Somali community in Stockholm alone, now reaches 10,000 people. As a maternal health organization, we want to ensure that pregnant women and their families know what services they can access. At the same time, we want health workers to understand what kind of challenges women in this growing community face and how to better address them.” Via this initiative, over 500 Somali families have received information about the maternal health care and services that are available to them before, during, and after childbirth.

For more details and information about this project, see Keeping Somali Moms Healthy in Sweden