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White Ribbon Alliance, Yemen

Mohammed Abdulatef
National Coordinator

Sanaa, Yemen

tel: +967 737 777 469


Capital City
Lifetime risk of maternal death
1 in 90
Maternal Mortality Ratio
Births attended by skilled personnel
Source: World Health Statistics 2015, WHO

Countdown to 2015: Maternal, Newborn, & Child Survival. Click here for the Yemen Country Profile.


UN Secretary General’s Every Woman Every Child commitment:

Yemen will enforce the ministerial decree to provide free contraceptives to all women of reproductive age and free deliveries, and will endorse a safe motherhood law to minimise harmful practices. Yemen will expand Reproductive Health services to reach 85 percent of all health facilities, increase by 20 percent the percentage of health facilities that provide basic and comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Neo-Natal Care services and will increase security on essential drugs.

The above statement is an edited commitment. Please click here to read the full commitment.

Yemen is among the most challenging places in the world to raise a family. It also has one of the highest maternal death rates in the world. 1 in 90 women die through childbirth.

Yet hope is on the horizon through the national dialogue which is bringing together civil society organisations to help write a new constitution, prepare for elections and unify the country. Among the key issues being debated is that of safe motherhood.

Through the National Safe Motherhood Alliance (NSMA), an affiliate of White Ribbon Alliance, we are playing a key role in the national dialogue to support the adoption of safe motherhood law and to raise the important issues of free healthcare, the age of marriage, girls’ education and violence against women.

Yemen is preparing for change and that change is happening through dialogue, with safe motherhood at the top of the agenda.