White Ribbon Alliance


White Ribbon Alliance, Zimbabwe

Christina Mudokwenyu-Rawdon, PhD
National Coordinator

Christina (right)

WRAZW Office No14
WHO Parirenytwa Central Hospital Annex
Harare, Zimbabwe


Capital City
Lifetime risk of maternal death
Maternal Mortality Ratio
Births attended by skilled personnel
Source: World Health Statistics 2015, WHO

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In Zimbabwe, about ten women die every day in pregnancy and childbirth – that’s  fifty per cent higher than across sub-Saharan Africa.

Christina Rawdon, as National Coordinator for White Ribbon Alliance Zimbabwe, is leading the fight to bring these dreadful numbers down.

Says Christina, “We are working with our media to draw attention to the dangers faced by so many women in childbirth, and encouraging our politicians to find the best solutions. So many women are dying and being buried without their deaths even being officially counted. Our government has already promised to improve the system of recording maternal deaths. White Ribbon Alliance is now focused on making sure our Government delivers on its commitments and that women become a priority.”