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Saving mothers’ lives in Pakistan

October 10, 2013

In Pakistan, eclampsia (fits with high blood pressure during pregnancy) is a wide spread problem and accounts for approximately 2,000 maternal deaths every which can be prevented by using magnesium sulphate. The magnesium sulphate is recommended by the World Health Organization as the most effective, safe and cost effective treatment for eclampsia.

White Ribbon Alliance Pakistan has recently completed a project which looks into improving the use of magnesium sulphate. The ‘Saving Mother’s Life: Addressing Barriers to the Use of Magnesium Sulphate in Eclampsia’ project, thoroughly addressed existing barriers and developed policy briefs, guidelines and training manuals for each tier of the health system. They also produced very specific and culturally accepted information and education materials which have been endorsed by all the provincial departments of health.

Through this project, White Ribbon Alliance Pakistan has been able to convince all the stakeholders especially provincial departments of health for using magnesium sulphate in eclampsia.

Dr Riaz Hussain Solangi, Project Director, White Ribbon Alliance Pakistan said, ‘the project has been successful due to the commitment and close coordination of all stakeholders. We need to continue working in this spirit in order to bring a sustainable change in the health of mothers in Pakistan’.

Dr Ghulam Asghar Abbasi, Chief Health, Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan, said ‘I appreciate the efforts of all partners and support of the White Ribbon Alliance Pakistan in implementing such projects for the better health of our mothers and we should initiate steps towards scaling-up and suggesting provincial heads to include it in their programmatic and budgetary cycles’.