White Ribbon Alliance

Why Support Us

Childbirth is the biggest killer of young women in many countries; 800 still die every day. Almost all of these deaths are preventable.

Over a decade ago, White Ribbon Alliance formed because the voices of women at risk of dying in childbirth were not being heard. We rapidly grew as thousands of people and groups joined the network, speaking as one voice, identifying problems in their own communities and finding specific solutions at a national level across Africa and Asia.Today, White Ribbon Alliance unites citizens to demand the right to a safe birth for every woman, everywhere.


As informed citizens we have joined forces, mobilised others and demanded decent and respectful health care for all pregnant women and mothers. Our activities are decided by the volunteer members of our network, and backed by governments and private funders around the world.

We have made progress. Deaths are down by half since 1990 and maternal health is on the global policy agenda like never before. Politicians have been getting the message, and governments across Africa and Asia have made big promises. Our role now is to hold them to account and make sure those promises become a reality. Join us, to make sure they deliver for women.

By investing in White Ribbon Alliance you are investing in people and the strength of people power. The results are impressive. Local leaders of White Ribbon Alliance will not be kept waiting for governments to act; they are taking action now. White Ribbon Alliance is the platform needed by women and men who have united to demand change.

For example, in India, pregnant women are entitled to cash benefits, which they weren’t receiving as it wasn’t publicised and money was regularly taken by health care staff. Volunteers from White Ribbon Alliance began a programme of going into hospitals, writing on walls about the benefits, only to be chased out and the writing scrubbed off. So they changed their approach. They decided it would be more effective to persuade the Government to deliver this information to all hospitals, which they had to display. This approach proved much more successful.

One volunteer in one hospital can reach 100 women, but a message from the government to all hospitals in just one district will reach tens of thousands of women.  

This is the type of lasting change that White Ribbon Alliance is committed to. This was achieved by local leaders understanding the problem, finding the right solution and pushing for change.