White Ribbon Alliance

Angela Nguku, National Coordinator, WRA Kenya

WRA Kenya: Introduction to WRA’s Global Audience

March 27, 2017
WRA Kenya is proud to be the newest (and also returning) member of the White Ribbon Alliance family of maternal health and rights volunteer advocates. After previous successes, which included engaging with the media continually to report on reproductive, maternal, newborn and adolescent stories, using influential champions for change and leading community rights awareness mobilization convoys and citizen dialogues around the country, we took a brief hiatus. But we realized our work was not finished.

WRA Kenya is continuing its movement that, as is the case with our colleagues around the world, puts power with people at the community-level, recognizing them as the most effective agents of change. We are working to turn Kenya’s political commitments into sustainable results by harnessing the strengths of citizens and community organizations to promote accountability, and to reach the most marginalized in our society. We believe that citizen-led advocacy plays a critical role in improving maternal and newborn health by ensuring that leaders support and implement the changes the people have identified as priorities.

Photo Credit: UNFPA

WRA Kenya’s Goals:

1. Improved maternal and newborn health outcomes through:

  • Evidence-based advocacy
  • Educating citizens on their rights around Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH)
  • Connecting, convening and catalyzing citizens to demand the change they want to prioritize
  • Amplifying citizens’ voices and promoting the value of citizens as trusted agents of their own health, especially for the most marginalized
  • Increasing political will for meaningful citizen engagement around RMNCAH
2. Promotion of midwifery and midwives as agents of change through:
  • Influencing policymakers at both county and national levels to recognize the value of midwives in RMNCAH
  • Strengthening the capacity of midwives as advocates at the global, national, and local level by building their skills and confidence as advocates
  • Engaging media around the vital relationship between midwives and the women they care for as a means for improved maternal, newborn health
3. Working with Adolescents and Youth to strengthen their voices as citizens with rights, especially around their reproductive health needs.

4. Catalyzing change through targeted advocacy and accountability efforts toward ending harmful practices including Female Genital Mutilation/cutting and Early/Child/Forced Marriages that prohibit positive RMNCAH outcomes.

5. Promoting positive experiences of RMNCAH care by working with professional and regulatory bodies for increased accountability through respectful and dignified care to clients, especially adolescents.

6. Promoting public awareness and engaging communities around reporting and certification of newborn deaths and stillbirths, so that their lives can be counted and their families can mourn with dignity.

WRA Kenya will unify the voices of our citizens to make changes at every level - from the household, to the community, to national governments, donors and global leaders. And, with the power of the other National Alliances behind us, we will be unstoppable.

I look forward to keeping you updated as our work moves forward.

Angela Nguku
National Coordinator, WRA Kenya

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