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Say ‘Hello Mum’ from Glastonbury

June 26, 2013

Say Hello Mum from Glastonbury Festival at the White Ribbon Alliance’s Tattoo & Picture Parlour in The Park

Festival goers can join the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood at Glastonbury Festival 2013 to say ‘HELLO MUM!’ via the charity’s HELLO MUM TATTOO & PICTURE PARLOUR in The Park.

The White Ribbon Alliance is at Glastonbury Festival putting festival goers in the picture about their important work to stop mothers and babies dying in childbirth, and literally in the picture with their HELLO MUM ‘Polaroid’.

Dress up and get right in the special Festival themed frame with your one or more friends and say HELLO MUM from the Festival via your picture, which is sent directly to your mobile phone.

The HELLO MUM Photo Op is a new addition to the charity’s hugely popular Mum’s Tattoo Parlour in The Park, where they are also tattooing mums, dads, kids, babies, policemen, performers and random celebrities with their hugely popular  ‘HELLO MUM’ tattoo transfers for a donation.

The original ‘must have’ festival tattoo, as seen on the likes of Emma Watson, Florence Welch, Michael Eavis, Emily Eavis, Jarvis Cocker, Lilly Allen, Sienna Miller, Will Young, Nick Grimshaw, Henry Holland, Jameela Jamil , Billy Bragg and  Jamie Cullen, Matthew Horn  to name but a few. All of whom have worn their heart on their sleeves (and other places!) to join the fight to stop women and babies dying in childbirth around the world.

WRA Press Contact:

On site - Jenny Rose 07957 551697 jenny@happypr.co.uk

Communications Director, Kiran Ramchandani 07957 549 741 kramchandani@whiteribbonalliance.org

On-going Media Opportunities:

Celebrities in our Hello Mum Polaroid picture

Celebrities being tattooed/with WRA tattoo

About White Ribbon Alliance

All mums deserve to give birth safely but sadly, childbirth is still the biggest killer of young women in many countries. The numbers have gone down by half in recent years, yet every day, 800 women and girls die bringing life into this world. And when the mother dies, seven out of ten of the babies that survive the birth will die in infancy. Most of these women give birth alone at home, without the expert care they need. Even when they can access health facilities, the quality of care is often so poor, they are subject to abuse and harsh treatment, and it scares women from seeking the help they need.

White Ribbon Alliance brings together citizens to demand the right to a safe birth for every woman, everywhere. We believe that change happens when enough people know their rights and join forces to demand them.

Support white ribbon alliance to support mums across the world.

More information: 

whiteribbonalliance.org, @WRAglobal Facebook.com/whiteribbonalliance