Every woman and girl should determine the direction of her own life.

WRA advocates for women’s and girls’ health, rights, and gender equality. Our approach is simple, radical, and it works.


Ask women and girls what they want.

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Health & gender policies changed


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Women & girls benefiting

How does a lawyer become a midwifery champion? Ask Geraldine Nyaku, a lawyer turned midwife advocate that's leading increadible change in Zimbabwe. ⁣

This was the "birth story" she shared at #womendeliver2023 as part of @pushcampaignorg and Midwives' Voices, ...Midwives' Demands open mic night.⁣

#midwifery #midwives #srhr4all #birthstory #whatwomenwant

At Women Deliver 2023, @pushcampaignorg and Midwives Voices, Midwives Demands held an open mic night to share birth stories - stories of the experiences of midwives and sexual and reproductive health. This is the birth story of @youregyptiandoula - we’re so grateful for passionate birth workers ...leading the way to better outcomes and respect for all women, everywhere. #midwifery #birthstory #whatwomenwant #srhr4all

It's been an eventful week at #WD2023! ⁣

We've had the privilege to hear powerful words the incredible @iamjenniejoseph, who called on governments to center midwives in their health systems and reminded us that poor obstetric and health outcomes are not only related to ...health or a lack of care from teh mothers - women need informed consent. They need choice over their bodies and adequate health systems to support them. ⁣

We found out people are #PUSHing for everything from safe queer spaces to greater inclusivity at conferences to healing generational trauma. ⁣

And finally, we've found moments of peace, relaxation, inspiration, and unity at the @womenindev Self-Care Lounge. ⁣

Stay tuned for more! ⁣

#midwives #womendeliver #womensrights #womenempowerment #kigali

Today, we make the bittersweet announcement that we are sunsetting White Ribbon Alliance Global. ⁣
The White Ribbon Alliance movement began over 20 years ago with a small group of people that deeply cared about ending preventable maternal deaths. That small group grew into a global... movement, generating worldwide attention, fueling policy change, and continually shifting the narrative to center women and girls’ voices. ⁣⁣

It’s an incredible privilege to have been a small part of a movement that means so much to so many. It’s an even greater privilege to know that the movement will continue. Thank you, thank you, thank you - To our partners, mobilizers, and the incredible women and girls for your unwavering support and dedication to this transformative work. We know the mission and the movement will carry on because of you!⁣⁣

As we move to close operations over the coming months, we will share more with stakeholders, including White Ribbon National Alliances to Women’s March Global chapters to many other grassroots and community-based organizations, to pass the baton and ensure the momentum created is sustained. ⁣⁣

Join us in reflecting on all that has been accomplished to ensure women around the world receive care and support they want and need. And here’s to the sun rising in a new era – on an equal, just, and healthy world. ⁣⁣

Link in bio to read more.⁣

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of joining the #ICMCongress in Bali, Indonesia. What a week it was, we:
✔️Renewed our commitment to invest in midwives associations
✔️Experienced the @pushcampaignorg midwifery lounge & film screenings
✔️Listened to powerful ...statements from #midwives like @kaveri_mayra call on stakeholders to stop filling stages with themselvs, and fill them with midwives

It was a week of so many incredible and deeply powerful moments. Our biggest takeaway? We have to make meaningful room for midwives to drive the change they’re asking for - that goes beyond just listening.

Last month, we had the pleasure of attending the All Systems Connect WASH symposium. The tagline says it all – "systems change starts with you". ⁣

This symposium took a refreshingly different approach to gathering global stakeholders - it demanded multisector action. Each ...day ended with a conversation among different stakeholders to work together to come up with action items that each could work towards in their respective sectors. The only way to improve WASH and each issue area it touches – including women’s health and gender equality – is to intentionally break down sector siloes together. ⁣

#WASH #WASHinHCF #GenderEquality #Equality #Progress #health

A few weeks ago, we took #IMNHC2023 by storm. Here's just a brief recap of an amazing week elevating women's voices.

What was your favorite moment at IMNHC2023?

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