Every woman and girl should determine the direction of her own life.

WRA advocates for women’s and girls’ health, rights, and gender equality. Our approach is simple, radical, and it works.


Ask women and girls what they want.

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Listen to their concerns and ideas for change.

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Act on what they say and galvanize others to do the same.

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Health & gender policies changed


Health workers hired


Major health facility improvements

$330+ million

In multi-government health & social programs

500+ million

Women & girls benefiting

Webinar alert! On 12/6, join an important conversation on how best to promote accountability for bodily autonomy, agency & self-care. We’ll talk key advocacy and accountability strategies that bring us closer to meeting #GenerationEquality commitments.

To change the world, it takes a woman. Just ask the 1.3 million women whose courage to speak out through the What Women Want campaign continues to change policies and practices worldwide. ⁣

Do something different on #GivingTuesday this year. Donate to raise the voices of the ...courageous speaking out for their rights. Donate for the woman who ever believed her vote didn’t matter. Or the woman whose doctor ignored her. For the non-binary individual who doesn’t want to hide who they are. For the girl who wanted an equal shot at an education.⁣

But most of all - donate for YOU. Because your voice matters too. ⁣

Head to our profile, and click the "support" button. Every dollar helps to raise a voice!

Do something different on #GivingTuesday. Donate to raise the voices of the courageous speaking out for their rights. For those blazing the trails for generations to come.

But most of all - donate for YOU. Because your voice matters too.

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Donate Today White Ribbon Alliance connects women – their voices and lived experiences – with those in power, ensuring that solutions are based ...


We love to say it - the future is female, and data feminism is a key tool to get there. Don't miss this read!

"Data feminism is healthy, necessary questioning of data, of the system that produced it.. Data feminism is acknowledging there is no true objectivity." - Kristy ...Kade

Women are 16% less likely than men to use the internet! How can we change that? @KristyKade of @WRAglobal says data feminism is an important step towards equality. Read our interview 👉https://bit.ly/3Oy3wj9
& join the #digitalglobal launch for more infos!
📅01/12/22⏰ 2pm CET

In the wake of a devasting earthquake in Indonesia, understanding the effects of climate change & its effects on women couldn't be more paramount. This new article underscores the inextricable link between maternal and newborn health and climate change.


We couldn't agree more! Because midwives sit at the intersection of climate justice and reproductive justice, and already provide care to people experiencing environmental harm, enhanced access to midwives is a step toward protecting women and children from the climate crisis

For @WIRED I make the case for an overshadowed climate solution: birth workers, like midwives and doulas. Investing in them also advances another human right under threat: reproductive justice. https://www.wired.com/story/midwives-climate-change-reproductive-health/

Too often, women seeking contraception will arrive at a health facility or pharmacy to find they are out of stock. This article highlights the four key breakdowns in the supply chain behind the stock outs and offers a more resilient way forward.


What is your #BornTooSoon story?

What has changed in the last 10 years on #preterm birth?

What is needed in the next decade to ensure every baby #BornTooSoon can survive & thrive?

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