Every woman and girl should determine the direction of her own life.

WRA advocates for women’s and girls’ health, rights, and gender equality. Our approach is simple, radical, and it works.


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Act on what they say and galvanize others to do the same.

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Health & gender policies changed


Health workers hired


Major health facility improvements

$425+ million

In multi-government health & social programs

500+ million

Women & girls benefiting

Beyond the Sum of our (Body) Parts: A Call to Action from Women and Girls is a groundbreaking report born from the voices of over one million women across 14 countries. It challenges the conventional top-down approach to women’s health, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive, holistic ...systems that address their diverse needs and priorities, presenting a resounding call to transform health, social, political, and economic systems worldwide.

During the official launch event on November 16, Kristy Kade made a poignant observation that underscores the report. "Women are people. They are not issues, they are not indicators. They are people that are faced with difficult choices. As as a development community, we have created a false choice - in asking women to choose between interconnected issues."

The new report calls to see women as holistic humans that have interrelated and interconnected needs - We can't treat women in siloes and expect incredible progress. To learn more, read the NEW report through our link in bio.

🚀 Don't miss out! New report - Beyond the Sum of Our (Body) Parts - launches Nov 16 at 8AM ET during the session, "From self-care to collective action: Realizing women’s and young people’s health and well-being" the Self-Care Learning & Discovery Series.

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💔 Extreme heat during pregnancy can lead to adverse outcomes, including higher infant mortality rates and maternal health complications. It's time to prioritize maternal well-being in climate resilience planning. Read the eye-opening report from White Ribbon Alliance

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📢 New report alert! Pregnant & postpartum women in Pakistan share their harrowing experiences during heatwaves. Read the report to hear more about the affordable solutions governments should prioritize in their climate adaptation plans. ...https://whiteribbonalliance.org/stories/sindh-pakistan-pregnant-women-urge-action-in-the-face-of-extreme-heat/

Women's voices echo a resounding call for high-quality health services that are easily accessible, close to their homes.These services should cater to their diverse needs across their life journey without pushing them and their families into financial turmoil. It's time for a ...transformation in healthcare, ensuring women's well-being is at the forefront. #WhatWomenWant#HealthForAll

🏥❤️ Access to quality healthcare is a basic right. Women want healthcare that doesn't break the bank. It's time for change! #HealthForAll #WhatWomenWant

Tomorrow is the day!⁣

We can't wait to officially launch the findings of the Women's Health and Well-being campaign! The campaign asked 1.3 million women from diverse backgrounds, generations, and regions about their needs. Thanks to 18 fantastic partner organizations - ...we're thrilled to share exactly what women are asking for.⁣

Here's a little sneak peek. Any guesses what the top demand was?

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