Economic Justice

Every woman is a working woman with payment owed. 

Women subsidize our global economy — from participation in both formal and informal workplaces, to caregiving for children, siblings, and parents, to upholding the healthcare system. Their diverse work should be made visible and valued.

Advocating for Midwives

We’re facing a midwifery crisis. Deemed essential during the pandemic, midwives were treated as disposable. Overworked, undercompensated, and unprotected, many left the profession. In partnership with Push for Midwives, we asked 50,000 midwives what they need. Midwives are clear—they must be able to care for themselves and their families, along with patients. We’re advocating for midwives to get the pay they deserve.

Caring for Caregivers

COVID-19 intensified caregiving and drove women and girls from school and paid work in record numbers, bringing into sharp relief the lack of gender equity at home and functional social support systems in every country. Our newest campaign asks caregivers around the world about the care they want and need, so workplace, school, health center, and government policies work for working women.

Working for Working Women

Women are major players in informal marketplaces – producing goods and services, while oftentimes gaining independence and autonomy. However, lack of regulation also puts them at risk. We’re partnering with GIZ Data4Policy, to ensure women’s perspectives drive programs meant to help women in Mexico transition from the informal into the formal economy.

What You Can Do

Are you a midwife, caregiver, or part of the informal economy? Add your voice.

Mobilize midwives, caregivers, and informal economy workers.

Explore our dashboard to find out what women want and advocate for changes.   

Impact Stories


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