Gender-Based Violence

There can be no gender equality without freedom from harm.

Domestic violence. Physical violence. Obstetric violence. Psychosocial violence. Sexual violence. Online and street harassment. Trafficking. Early and forced marriage. Violence against female and gender minority activists, health workers and leaders. No matter the form of violence, at its core, it is about power and control and maintaining the status quo.
Violence breeds silence, but we can’t keep quiet.

Ending Gender-Based Violence

Stopping violence is not the responsibility of those who experience or are likely to experience it. At the same time, many don’t consider the perspectives or unique life circumstances of different women when intervening or designing violence prevention programs. That is destructive too.   

We’re asking communities at especially high-risk for violence–pregnant women, adolescent women, LGBTQIA, sex workers, and human right advocates—what they need to feel truly safe in their homes, at work, on sidewalks. We’re also partnering with men against violence, to bring community representatives and allies together to draw on women’s answers and co-design programs and policies that motivate wider social change.

What You Can Do

Everyone everywhere deserves to live free from harm. Don’t keep silent, tell us what you need to feel and be safe in this world.

Join the ASKforce and gain skills in survivor-guided bystander intervention, consent, and communication.

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