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As part of the Generation Equality Forum in 2021, Global Count asked women, non-binary, and transgender people from every country, culture, and racial background what issues are most important to them, what should be done to solve problems, and what meaningful progress looks like in ten years. Today Global Count carries on, focused on holding leaders accountable for promised gender equality actions.

Top Concerns

  • Ending Violence, Harassment & Abuse
  • Education and Youth Empowerment
  • Civil Rights and Freedoms






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To me, (progress for women’s human rights) looks like a total restructuring of our society, meaning patriarchy is not the dominant structure and that our governments, policing system, economy, schools, and jobs are less hierarchical, less fueled by toxic masculinity, and more collaborative.

Global Count Participant
Montana, USA

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In 2021, women, non-binary, and transgender people from around the world were asked “What does progress for women’s human rights look like for you in 10 years?” Here’s what some had to say…

A woman is an independent, respected unit of society who has the right to control her own body.

Voice from Harare, Zimbabwe

Equal representation in parliament.

Voice from Kitwe, Zambia

The barriers against women’s human rights are dismantled.

Voice from ILe-Ife, Nigeria

Women and workers are represented in politics at all levels, and politicians are not career hunters but people who care about society

Voice from Arva, Estonia

A world where women take on jobs and careers known to be manly, I want to see more women engineers, pilots, politicians, surgeons, sports personalities, etc.

Voice from Zambia

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