Midwives are the world’s original first responders, the ones often standing between life and death.  

Midwives have been showing up for women, girls, and birthing people for centuries – in the harshest of conditions, facing violence and threats, and without the compensation they deserve. Many are walking away from their profession—simply looking to survive. Midwives’ Voices, Midwives’ Demands supports midwives so they can support their communities. 


midwives made demands

Top 4 demands:

  • Living wage and benefits
  • Colleagues to share the load
  • Supplies (birth kits; gloves; PPE)
  • Autonomy, promotion, and respect


mobilizing partners



Let us listen to the midwives and we shall have a better community, a better Uganda, and a better world.

The Commissioner for Nurses and midwives at the Ministry of Health in Uganda

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Helping bring life into this world is both unique and universal. Experience midwives’ stories with our reports and videos.

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