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Exploring respect through film

As challenges to gender equality continue to reverbate around the world, posing threats to respect and dignity, we launched the Respect Video Challenge to change that narrative. More than 40 participants from Japan to Guatemala created thought-provoking videos that ignited conversations about respect around the world when it comes to bodily autonomy, midwifery, climate change, homelessness, prenatal care, and so much more.

The Winners

Best video by health workers

Maya Midwifery, Guatemala

Through this video, we have learned that, despite a history of being silenced, the ACAM midwives are now speaking louder than ever and people are listening!

Maya Midwifery

Best Video by young artists (under 18)

Aliansi Pita Putih, Indonesia

True victory is when it is useful to others. We dedicate this victory to young women around the world to always get support for their dreams.

Aliansi Pita Putih

Best video by community organization

Kaduna State Maternal and Newborn Accountability Mechanism, Nigeria

The award has uplifted the profile of KADMAM’s activities to improve the quality of maternal and child health services.

Alhaji Mustapha Jumare
Kaduna State Maternal and Newborn Accountability Mechanism

Best video

Alba Duque & Julia Girós, Spain

This is a cause we really believe in and that’s why we decided to make this video, with no further expectations. It is very rewarding for us to see that there are organizations like White Ribbon Alliance who support these kinds of initiatives, helping create a more fair and inclusive space.

Alba Suque Cuesta

People’s Choice

Sistah Sistah Foundation, Zambia

As Sistah Sistah Foundation, we work hard in creating safe spaces where all people especially women get to feel heard and respected. Receiving this award makes us feel seen and very appreciated, and has inspired us to keep creating work that changes the world.

Ann Kazhinga Holland
Sistah Sistah Foundation

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About the Respect Video Contest

The Respect Video Contest emerged as calls for greater gender equality, respect, and dignity heightened around the world, as loudly heard through the What Women Want campaign and Generation Equality Forum. The contest took place from June – September 2022.

Final winners were determined by a team of international judges working in journalism, filmmaking, and advocacy. Judges included:

  • Janet Jarman, Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker
  • Beatriz Rótoli, Executive Coordinator, European Youth Network on Sexual and Reproductive Rights; Board of Directors, White Ribbon Alliance
  • Anne Mawathe, Journalist, Reuters Chief Visuals Producer

The People’s Choice Winner was determined by most likes and shares on social media.

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