Women’s March Global

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

In 2017, millions of women and allies around the world, many of whom never saw themselves as activists or social justice warriors, took to the streets because they knew they had to make themselves seen and heard. Today, chapters in countries all over the world continue to organize mass action in their local communities.

March Through History

The Global Count

As part of the Generation Equality Forum in 2021, Women’s March Global asked women, non-binary, and transgender people from every country, culture, and racial background what issues are most important to them, what should be done to solve problems, and what meaningful progress looks like in ten years. WMG Chapters worldwide use the results to hold leaders accountable for promised gender equality actions.

Add your voice

For us to ensure maximum impact, we need to unite, raise our voices collectively, and spread the word. Can we count on you?

What Can You Do?

Organize or participate in a mass action today. 

Start or join a local WMG chapter. 


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