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Kristy Kade

In a world, where the agenda for social change is usually set by the wealthiest donors and too often women’s and girls’ needs are ignored in favor of corporate strategies and stakeholders’ risk tolerance, centering women’s and girls’ voices is truly a radical idea. We need a paradigm shift and we need it now.


FOCUS AREAS: Participatory Design and Engagement, Facilitation & Strategic Planning, Campaign & Advocacy Strategy Development, Network & Coalition Building, Advocacy Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

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Angela Nguku
Deputy CEO

There is always a higher power telling women what to do. Never is there anyone that seeks to understand what women need for themselves. This alone made me change my course and become a change maker, an advocate for women and girl’s health and rights.


FOCUS AREAS: Advocacy Strategy development, Strategic Campaigning, Social Accountability, Decolonization, Moderation & Facilitation

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Kimberly Vitolo
Chief Operating Officer

Too often, women are discouraged from saying—and seeking—what we want. Too often, the world responds with criticism when we do. At WRA, we support and celebrate those who advocate for themselves and others!


FOCUS AREAS: Business & Strategic Planning, Organizational Leadership, Finance & Compliance Management & Reporting, Inclusive Grantmaking, Developing People, Processes and Systems for Impact

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Kimberly Whipkey
Chief of Staff

We believe that women can, and should, lead the world. We believe women and girls are more than what they are told. That they should own their bodies, health, lives, and the future of their communities.


FOCUS AREAS: Self-care, Facilitation & Strategic Planning, Campaign and Advocacy Strategy Development, Knowledge Management and Communications

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Elena Ateva
Advocacy & Communications Manager

Women are born with power. Yet every step of the way, throughout their lives, people around them prevent them from exercising their power.  It is way past time to transform power structures that routinely silence the voices, ignore the preferences and under value the lives of women and girls.


FOCUS AREAS: Respectful Care, Human Rights, Legal & Regulatory Analysis, Network & Coalition Building

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Diana Copeland
Advocacy & Communications Manager

At WRA, we demand a world that doesn’t yet exist, and believe this world can only be built through local action and global solidarity.


FOCUS AREAS: Digital Innovation, Campaign Management, Creative Storytelling, Strategic Communications

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Merette Khalil
Advocacy & Communications Manager

Every person and family has the right to high-quality, patient-centered, respectful, rights-based, and evidence-informed healthcare. Yet, we are far from this reality and we are moving in the wrong direction. We need an urgent and radical transformation to the systems deepening these inequalities. We need Stories. Solidarity. Action. Accountability.  


FOCUS AREAS: Health Systems Strengthening, Human Resources for Health, Gender Equality, Respectful Maternity Care, Obstetric Violence, Research, Advocacy and SRHR

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Jeanine Carpenter
Operations Specialist

In a world where women are often underestimated, WRA encourages and empowers young girls and women to raise their voices and share their stories to demand meaningful change. We all have the power to use our voice to effect change. How will you use your power?


FOCUS AREAS: Operations, Systems Training & Implementation, Human Resources Initiatives

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Molly Browning
Advocacy & Communications Specialist

Political, social, and cultural pressures are constantly undermining women’s autonomy. We live in a world that tells women to be quiet, to sit down, say nothing. A world in which women’s experiences are “women’s issues.” At WRA we know that women, girls, and gender diverse people are inherently powerful, and we work with them to make sure their stories are sought out, heard, and taken seriously.


FOCUS AREAS: Storytelling, Partner Engagement, Midwifery, Abortion Rights, Birth & Postpartum Advocacy

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Angel Katusia
Lead Media Consultant

We trust women to know best what they need and want and wake up daily, driven to fight for a better, healthier world for women and girls.


FOCUS AREAS: Storytelling, Community Engagement, Social Media Strategy and Communication Strategy, Media Relations

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Michelle Emson
Lead Technology Consultant

Bridging the gender data gap requires that the voices of women and gender-diverse people are sought, heard, and activated. Actionable insights require measurable impact to close-the-loop. At every step, data is the key.


FOCUS AREAS: Digital Transformation, Applied Technology, IT Strategy & Implementation, Data, Trans Inclusion & Gender Diversity

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Christy Asala
Quality of Care Consultant

An empowered woman is a woman that understands and demands her fundamental human rights. Each time she stands up, she stands up for all women, further empowering them by her actions, like a candle whose flame lights other candles. This is the agency we strive to achieve.


FOCUS AREAS: Quality of care, Respectful Maternity Care, Self-care, Disability Rights, Advocacy & Program Strategy, Knowledge Management, Social & Behavior Change Communication, Demand Creation, and Health Literacy.

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Jemima Araba Dennis-Antwi
Research & Advocacy Consultant

My drive and ministry are to enhance the power, voices and potential of the ‘women’s health workforce’ to achieve excellence and to make their voices, and those of all women and girls, heard in communities and globally.


FOCUS AREAS: Strategic Planning, Community Engagement, Systems Strengthening, Facilitation, Capacity Building of Health Workforce for Women’s Health and Empowerment; Qualitative Research and Advocacy

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Dr. Emma Kwegyir-Afful
Research & Midwifery Consultant

Decisions concerning women must be made by women. Any deviation from that undermines the ethical principle of autonomy. If women and girls succeed, the entire world will succeed.


FOCUS AREAS: Research Proposals, Evidence-based Nursing & Midwifery Practice, Scoping Reviews, Curriculum Development, Community Mobilization Strategies, Formative and Summative Assessments and Quantitative Data

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Rafia Rauf
Project Design Consultant

Women have the power to remake the world, and we at WRA are aiming to create that realization. We see a future where women do not just accept, but rather have the courage to challenge, to change the dynamics, to reshape the narrative, and to ensure that their voices are heard and not ignored.


FOCUS AREAS: Grants Management, Programme Management, Project Designing & Implementation, Organizational Evaluation, Donor Regulations & Compliance, Operations Management, Contract/Award Management, Communication, Change Management, Event Management, Managing Partnerships

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Kay King
Organizational Sustainability Consultant

When women, girls, and gender diverse people are silenced, we miss the opportunity to design a society that serves us all. WRA believes that when women and girls are well, so are their families, communities, and countries. This change has to come from the grassroots, positioning the power of people into the design of the systems, services and structures that create our futures.


FOCUS AREAS: Fundraising, Campaign Design, Social Media and Audience Reach, Governance Training, Theory of Change Development, Systems Thinking

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Thomas Wood
Data Science Consultant

To leverage the full power of campaigns, natural language processing can optimize data analysis and transform insights into action towards a healthy world with the help of artificial intelligence.


FOCUS AREAS: Data Science and Visualization, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning – including Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Coding in Python

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Theodora Ivanova

Once empowered a woman to have her own voice, to be economically independent, be balanced and respected, she could do anything. Anyone could be a changemaker – we only should ensure that we are free from system barriers, prejudice and aggression, so that everyone could find their purpose, a place in life and thrive. It’s time for women to lead the world’s agenda and will give my best to my daughters to live in a gender equal reality.


FOCUS AREAS: Capacity Building, Organizational Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Project Design & Management, Mentoring, Impact, Inclusion & Belonging, Women’s Empowerment, Work-Life Balance For Working Moms, Moms At Work, Grant Making, Change Making & System Change

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Shirin Hodzheva

Social norms are one of the major causes that hinder personal growth and success for women and girls. Norms are supposed to keep people safe, yet I don’t know a single woman that can state she absolutely feels free in expressing herself. It’s time to change norms that aren’t working and show our societies that the world can be shaped better if women are in power.


FOCUS AREAS: Facilitation & Trainings, Human Rights, Human Resources Development, Personal Development for Women and Girls, Deconstruction of Gender-based Stereotypes and Social Norms, Project Development & Management, Campaigning, Activism

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Marissa Ware
Communications Consultant

There is immense power in owning your story, your words, your needs – refusing to let someone else tell your story. Women and gender-diverse people are the greatets agents of their own change, and when given the tools and platforms to succeed, they’re unstoppable.


FOCUS AREAS: Strategic Communications, Storytelling & Creative Writing, Website Management, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Advocacy for Nursing & Midwifery

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