It Happens Everyday – Abanti Sahu

Husbands beating their wives is quite common in villages like ours. Ever since
many men have returned home due to lockdown, husbands vent their anger and
frustration on their wives. Though we are staying at home, we still feel insecure.
There is a threat of physical violence from our own partners. Hitting and slapping
women by men is most common in our society. As men are confined to home,
going through mental tension and scarcity of food, there are conflicts between
men and women over managing family finances. The women at home must slog
throughout the day to arrange food, water and other necessities. But with the
limited resources due to financial constraints, women bear the brunt of a difficult
situation at home. We (women) are hit by men for giving them less to eat when
there is shortage of food. All forms of physical violence have increased. It happens
in our village every day since lockdown. Two-three days ago, there was an incident
when a daughter-in-law was badly beaten up by her in-laws.

As told to Bhagaban Mahopetra, WRA India

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