More than 35 health facilities in Niger State upgraded with improved water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities  

Women and girls in Niger State, Nigeria told us that “water, sanitation, and hygiene” was their number one health demand. More specifically, in their health facilities they wanted running water, improved sanitation, and clean toilets. 

Our campaign motivated them to raise their voices in local health committees, town hall meetings, and policy dialogues. As a result, Niger State public health funds were used for the first time ever to support structural improvements and WASH upgrades in 39 primary health care facilities. They installed running water and handwashing stations, drums for waste disposal, and clean toilets. The Niger State Commissioner for Health also increased the required number of toilets from three to six, because that’s what women said mattered most to them.

Water is life. It is heartbreaking that a woman in labor should carry a keg of water to the health facility because there is no water. This should not happen under our watch.

Honorable Commissioner for Water Resources in Niger State

Now, thanks to WWW demands bringing water and toilets to health facilities, women are more likely to go to health facilities for care because the basic building blocks of decency and dignity are there.

We used to have no water in the clinic. Now there is water, we have toilets, and they clean the toilets well. 

Helen, Community member
Niger State

The WWW campaign approach…gave another perspective of the challenges women and girls are facing regarding reproductive health. When you have different people talking about the same issue, it shows the priority and need for emergency response and intervention from stakeholders and policymakers.

Dr. Ibrahim Dangana
Executive Director, Niger State Primary Health Care Development Agency

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