Niger State incorporates respectful care into Quality of Care policies and trainings

In Niger State, too many women and girls experience disrespect and disdain when seeking healthcare services. Not surprisingly, respectful and dignified care emerged as one of their top What Women Want demands, especially the desire for courteous and friendly health providers.

At the same time as the campaign, the Niger State government was overhauling its Quality of Care initiative. Women were unequivocal that respectful care is the foundation of high-quality service provision. Their voices led the government to integrate respectful maternity care (RMC) into Niger State’s Quality of Care Framework for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health and corresponding implementation plan—which now ensures providers are trained on RMC. They also helped stand up “Quality Improvement Teams” that oversee and address quality and respect issues at facilities and secure women’s participation on the team—helping ensure women’s perspectives and voices will continue to drive the quality agenda in the state. 

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