Uganda Allocates $1.7m to Lifesaving “Mama Kits” for Expecting Mothers 

As COVID-19 emerged in 2020, Uganda experienced a national stockout of Mama Kits – basic bundles of supplies for expecting mothers that include items such as bar soap, cotton wool, surgical gloves, and a blanket to wrap the baby. The stockout spelled potential disaster for women across the country, and especially for refugee women and girls, given their top health demand was medicines, supplies, and Mama Kits specifically.    

Free mama kits should be provided to all expecting mothers to avoid continued loss of lives.

Advocates were listening and sprang into action. In response, they secured US$ 1.7 million for the procurement of Mama Kits from the Ministries of Health and Finance.

Kits are now readily available at the National Medical Store, which provides medicines and supplies to all public health facilities in the country. What’s more, under this arrangement, private, not-for-profit facilities are also able to access Mama Kits through the national facilities. That means that whether women go to a public or private facility, she can receive a free Mama Kit. 

There is a need to listen to the women and handle them in a dignified manner while ensuring that they get quality health care services.

Dr Jesca Nsungwa
Commissioner Maternal Child Health, Ministry of Health Uganda  

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