Every woman and girl should determine the direction of her own life.

WRA advocates for women’s and girls’ health, rights, and gender equality. Our approach is simple, radical, and it works.


Ask women and girls what they want.

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Listen to their concerns and ideas for change.

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Act on what they say and galvanize others to do the same.

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Health & gender policies changed


Health workers hired


Major health facility improvements

$330+ million

In multi-government health & social programs

500+ million

Women & girls benefiting

There are over 7,000 languages spoken worldwide. And women deserve to be heard in all of them. We believe the most powerful change comes from women’s unfiltered words asking for their needs.⁣

Our mission is to make sure every voice is heard, because every voice matters. And we need ...your help to hear from even more women! ⁣

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There are over 7,000 languages spoken worldwide & women deserve to be heard in all of them. We believe the most powerful change comes from women’s unfiltered words asking for their needs.

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Conversation happening now -

Annah Kukundakwe says "Partnerships with government played an instrumental role to pilot new self-care guidelines in Mukono District, Uganda as a way to bridge gaps in the healthcare system."

Next up - Annah Kukundakwe of @cehurduganda shares on #GenerationEquality progress through analysis of 30 laws and policies to incorporate self-care in Uganda.

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Conversations already - "Who gets to decide what data counts?"

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1. The #selfcare agenda for universal health coverage #UHCDay
2. Lessons #Uganda #Argentina
3. How do we shift or under the framework #generationrquality #icpd (global commitments) ensure Bodily Autonomy?

https://www.google.com/url?q=https://d2t-w804.na1.hubspotlinks.com/Ctc/5F%2B113/d2t-w804/VW62tm1gpjwCW1v725k2VFVf2W4lQ0X34S-hd8N70Sktw3lScmV1-WJV7CgKJJW1yZVcc8b_FL8W269svx1Xgf8PW3H09nL42DSpNW5cxW9r6m3gfPW2yHZvV4SWGkBN8RlxPryG3cdVl6Wmb1hF7gnW6tm5KP4KZpGZW3XRG-Y7Z-1pDW7vHFfv6SGNhkW6jTZGV2hNf-YW6VV0Hq4_WpzvW2ZJV-35WpR1kW2z4ftg7-5Y1TN48f8XW4VCzQW3hf6q83mRCqxVY5xyG51nK16W5M7w0d8Wmq8wW8KVCFt91WDVHW988CG84h5SXdW5YBWFW35DsXlW308j8R57fgZtW6LctzM8hDY9_W11MtBW86Dt4pW32bs-r1mjy-RW2P8FBK6gYJ1P3bWv1&source=gmail&ust=1670410792937000&usg=AOvVaw3_pNyXj2FO1Fz1oe10V01U @WRAglobal

How do we co-design feminist accountability? @EmiliaJaber of @GlobalFundWomen says "Place feminist movements in the driver's seat AND fund them."

It's time! Join us now for a dynamic webinar on promoting accountability for bodily autonomy, agency & self-care.

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