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A few weeks ago, we took #IMNHC2023 by storm. Here's just a brief recap of an amazing week elevating women's voices.

What was your favorite moment at IMNHC2023?

To round out our celebrations of midwifery wins comes two big ones from Kenya. Thanks to the voices of midwives and women like, midwives are finally getting long overdue recognition and support. For the first time, midwifery was recognized as a standalone progession in the country. ⁣

...Wait, there's more! Midwives scopes of practice were expanded, directly responding to midwives demands for greater respect, status, and autonomy. ⁣

#Midwives #InternationalDayoftheMidwife #IDM2023

Midwives often work in environments that don't value and enable midwifery skills and needs, preventing midwives from providing quality care to pregnant women. Improving working conditions for midwives means better care outcomes for women. When we give midwive the support they need to do their ...jobs, they do better work. ⁣

These big acheivements for midwives mean everything - for midwives in Pakistan, having government-supported jobs means job security and much deserved recognition. For midwives in Phalombe district, housing units means they spend less time worrying about how to afford housing and more time focusing on their job. ⁣

Let's celebrate these big wins 🎉⁣

#Midwives #InternationalDayoftheMidwife #IDM2023

It's been a year since we launched the Midwives Voices, Midwives Demands report that captured the more than 56,000 voices of midwives around the world. Today we're celebrating a couple of the many incredible wins that have happened since. ⁣

In many places, midwives are ...overwhelmed with too many patients, sometimes working with just 1 or 2 midwives to over 40 women at one time. Midwives asked for more midwive to be hired so they can spend more time caring for their patients. In Nigeria and Malawi, decision-makers heard their call 🎉⁣

#InternationalDayoftheMidwife #IDM2023

Midwives’ Voices, Midwives’ Demands initiative has joined forces with the PUSH Campaign🎉⁣

This powerful alliance aims to accelerate progress on reducing maternal and neonatal mortality rates, advance sexual and reproductive health and rights, and address key barriers to ...women's leadership in the global health workforce.⁣

What does this mean for PUSH?⁣

◾ Better representation of the 56,000 voices of midwives from 101 countries that #MVMD has collected⁣

◾ Improved understanding of the country-level demands of midwives ⁣

◾ Access to communities of midwives to support in building authentic, impactful relationships between midwives and local women's groups⁣

Read more from our CEO Kristy Kade on what the merger means at the link in our bio🔗⁣


The What Women Want for Health and Wellbeing Campaign in is full swing in Ghana! For one young person, education is her top priority when it comes to health and well-being. Education can play a major role in an individual's health - it can increase agency and promote and sustain healthy ...lifestyles and choices. ⁣

#WhatWomenWant #Health #Wellbeing #reprorights #humanrights #healthrights

Preparation to launch the What Women Want for Health and Well-being campaign in Bulgaria is well underway! Here's a behind the scenes sneak peek of training mobilizers how to reach out to women with empathy and compassion. The people behind the campaign are the reason for it's success - ...women need to trust the person asking them questions to give honest answers. Honest answers are the only way we can change policies and resources to fit exactly what women are asking for.

This month we launched the latest What Women Want campaign for Health and Well-being. As part of the new campaign, we're thrilled to welcome 12 new partners in 10 countries to help us reach 1 million women! What Women Want wouldn't be possible without the dedicated grassroots mobilizers ...that make every effort to reach as many women as possible, capturing women’s voices in their own words. This is exactly what makes What Women Want different - local people, reaching out to others in their communities, and ensuring that local voices and solutions lead.

📢 We heard your demands loud and clear – to ask more women, in more places, from more walks of life what they want for their health care. ⁣

✨Introducing What Women Want for Health and Wellbeing ✨⁣

This new campaign expands beyond maternal and reproductive health... to women’s health more broadly, intentionally reaching women of all ages and those traditionally left out of power.

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