Partners to Support in the Giving Season – Mobilizers for Change

As we approach the end of this impactful year, we’re thrilled to spotlight a group of organizations that played a crucial role as mobilizers in our Women’s Health and Well-being Campaign. Each of these partners embodies a commitment to positive change, making a lasting impact in communities worldwide. Join us in celebrating their incredible efforts and consider supporting these impactful causes during this giving season!

  1. Equidad de Género (Mexico)
    Equidad de Género, a feminist powerhouse, champions gender equality and the rule of law. With a 20-year track record, they advocate for policies with a gender perspective, fostering women’s leadership and civil participation. Learn more:
  2. DeSMAS (Ghana)
    DeSMAS, the Deprived Single Mothers Assistance Scheme, is dedicated to empowering single mothers in Ghana. Their vision is to see liberated, confident women raising responsible and educated children. Explore their impactful initiatives:
  3. HelpAge India (India)
    HelpAge India works tirelessly for the well-being of older individuals. Support their advocacy for an active, healthy, and dignified life for the elderly in India. Discover more:
  4. Diya Foundation (India)
    DIYA Foundation in Bangalore empowers adults with intellectual challenges. Support their mission to unlock potential through vocational and life skills training. Discover their impact:
  5. Nigeria Health Watch (Nigeria)
    Nigeria Health Watch is a powerhouse community organization working for better health in Nigeria. Help them raise awareness and knowledge on crucial health issues for informed decision-making. Discover more:
  6. Muthande Society of the Aged (South Africa)
    Muthande Society of the Aged (MUSA) focuses on improving the well-being of the elderly in South Africa. Support their efforts to enhance the social, physical, economic, and emotional aspects of seniors’ lives. Explore their impact:
  7. COSE (Philippines)
    COSE in the Philippines works to uphold the rights of older persons. Join us in creating an age-friendly society where all older people live in dignity. Explore their initiatives:
  8. SOS Jeunesse & Défis (Burkina Faso)
    SOS Jeunesse & Défis, a leading organization in Burkina Faso, works to promote the well-being of young people. Since 2001, they have aimed to meet the challenges of human, equitable, and sustainable development. Discover more:
  9. Dafadoy (Senegal)
    Dafadoy in Senegal is a collective of young activists united to end violence against women and children. Support their advocacy, capacity building, and sensitization efforts. Explore their work:
  10. Child in Need Institute (India)
    The Child in Need Institute (CINI) uplifta underprivileged children in India. With over four decades of impactful work, CINI focuses on health, nutrition, education, and protection. Learn more:
  11. Forum for Safe Motherhood (Pakistan)
    The Forum for Safe Motherhood in Pakistan is a dynamic movement empowering women and enhancing reproductive health. Support their transformative advocacy for a more inclusive and healthier society. Discover more:
  12. Red Cross Serbia (Serbia)
    Red Cross Serbia has over 60,000 volunteers and 800 employees hard at work, implementing 64 diverse programs and humanitarian efforts. Discover their impact:

We invite you to explore the websites and the stories of these incredible organizations that have played a vital role in advancing women’s health and well-being. Follow along on social, share the stories, and consider supporting these impactful causes during the giving season. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of giving and amplify the impact of these mobilizers for change!

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