Grassroots advocacy propels US $195 million in health funding in Sindh Province, Pakistan  

Maternal anemia is potentially fatal condition for pregnant women. It can also cause complications such as bleeding after birth, pre-term or stillborn babies, and low birthweight babies. The condition has been common among rural women in Pakistan because many don’t have access to information or basic supplements, like iron and folic acid.

We want iron supplements and folic acid for pregnant women. 

I am not healthy during pregnancy. I have iron deficiency so I need iron supplements.

Program to prevent anemia is required as anemic pregnant women face pregnancy complications.

The Sindh Health Department responded, with a 26 percent increase in the province’s 2017-2018 health budget over the previous year, the equivalent of approximately US $195 million in new funding for health, including maternal and child health. The investment in grassroots advocacy had earned a massive return, leveraging over 300 times the amount in new funding.  

The Sindh Government is fully committed to improve the coverage of iron and folic acid among adolescent girls and mothers in the province by 2018.

Dr. Sikander Ali Mandharo
Provincial Health Minister of Sindh

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